Clinical Case Studies Presenting as Acute Coronary Syndrome

Although clinical presentation of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) varies significantly, investigation to confirm the underlying cause of the symptoms can often reveal unusual causes of ACS or indeed alternative diagnoses which initially present as ACS. CORONARY CONNECT members Dr. Miklos Rohla (Wilhelminenspital) and Prof. Dr. J. Wouter Jukema (Leiden University Medical Center) presented two unusual patient case studies which presented initially as ACS as part of the ACS Forum in December 2020.

View these case study discussions and download the accompanying slides for more information. Please note: the slide deck for Case Study #1 by Dr. Rohla contains video footage that plays automatically in presentation mode. These educational presentations are relevant for cardiologists, including interventional cardiologists, as well as emergency room physicians.

To continue your ACS Forum educational journey, follow the link below to view the complete on-demand video recording of the event. At this link you can also access the accredited e-learning designed around the ACS Forum programme.

Case Study #1 by Dr. Miklos Rohla

Subtitles in English available by clicking on ‘CC’ within the video controls

Case Study #2 by Prof. Dr. J. Wouter Jukema

Subtitles in English available by clicking on ‘CC’ within the video controls

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